What's New?


Enertia Trail Foods has been reimagined. Along with the hearty and delicious foods you may remember, 

our offerings now include two different breakfast options, several new entrees, and a new dessert. 


Our meals will not only satisfy your hunger; they'll also satisfy your taste buds.

 Whether you are hiking, biking, camping, fishing, boondocking....,

we think you're going to love our food. 

Drop us a comment to let us know what you love about Enertia Trail Foods. 





Letter to the Environment


Dear Environment, 

We owe you an apology. 

In our first batch of meals we used more plastic than we intended to use. From here forward, we are cutting back on the plastic in an effort to keep you healthy. For the plastic we have to use, we are encouraging our customers to share ways we can reuse this packaging.

With deepest respect,

Enertia Trail Foods